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Customize Your Essential Oil Blend

Customize Your Essential Oil Blend

BEE23 Natural Beauty

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Customize your blend! If our three most popular blends do not appease your senses, then we will create a blend made to your own personal specifications. Your natural solid scent will still be packaged in our contemporary eco-conscious hand embossed tins and come in a jojoba oil and beeswax base but we will create a blend of essential oils to suit either the mood or scent specifics that you are looking for. 

Simply order your customized blend online and via email or the contact us page, follow through with telling us about either the qualities of the blend or specific essences that you would like included in a natural solid scent for you or as a gift of scent for someone special.

Building blends that are beautiful and sustain strength can be a process, take time and are somewhat of an adventure. We will absolutely attempt to fit your needs and mood to your scent specifications and will no doubt deliver a one of kind magical blend just for you, however once shipped exchanges are not possible. 

Along with your customized blend a letter addressed to you or someone special will be included to describe your blend and the essential oils used to create such a one of kind scent experience.

Life is about the adventure of our senses. Take the time to try something new and in support of the natural health of ourselves and environment.

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