Welcome to the House of BEE23 Natural Beauty, where your skin care glow is our greatest quest!

There is always a place for you at the BEE23 Natural Beauty table. This product line truly has been built with the knowledge and effort of an entire community. This is why we have always included real friends, family and customers in all of our product campaigns. We are proud to create superior products that work for serious skin care for face and body free from synthetic chemical additives, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and fillers.

This is the space where life and the market collide to create products built with the tenacity of spirit and the goodness of our natural world. At BEE23, we know the quality of what you apply onto your skin is of the utmost importance to not only your natural beauty on the outside but what is on the inside too.

After suffering from severe headaches, Michelle realized the trigger was her favourite perfume. Although the scent was soft, with research she realized there were severely detrimental synthetic chemical additives in her products. As a woman and mother, she immediately saw the connection between what she wore on her skin, her health and the impact it had on those around her and the environment.

In creating formulas with essential oils and natural elements such as jojoba oil and beeswax, not only are they free of toxic chemicals and work to serve your skin needs with greater results but essential oils work on thought and feeling. So, it is like your very own happy potion!

A high performance facial moisturizer that plumps, smooths and restores for her maturing skin to keep up with the wear and tear of living life "off-the-grid" and demanding activities in the elements became very important for Michelle. Many of the nasty ingredients in her perfume were also in the majority of the facial moisturizes. She was not able to find anything in the marketplace without all of the harmful additives that fulfilled the qualities of a product she wanted to use.

Taking matters into her own hands, Michelle set out on a journey to gain the knowledge and skills to create a natural waterless formula that would soothe, restore and rejuvenate with all the aspects of a potent facial moisturizer and none of the contaminants that actually can dry, irritate and take away from a youthful complexion. In relying on the naturally occurring complexities in our own environment while fitting the formula very closely to the skin, she was able to create powerful blends that melt into the body and work for serious sensitive skin conditions. Water based products regardless of cost are 70-80% water. Our products are only the good stuff put together in a formula that acts like an invisible breathable non-comedogenic barrier, while working to attract moisture into the cells and lock it in. Protection without congestion and it really does lift, plump and smooth!

Little did she know how important this type of formula would be to protect and preserve the health of our skin in urban settings due to the impact of pollution, a decade later we continue to create potent formulas for face and body, offering relief for sensitive skin, extreme weather wear and for glorious glowing skin.

Good well sourced ingredients has always been very important to not only our company core value set but to how the product works. We are proud to use beeswax sourced from small independent Ontario farmers through Bees Are Life Inc., along with high quality pure essential oils.

A sustainable and fun company outlook has only added to the unique and creative quality of our product line. BEE23 Natural Beauty is shaped by the tough and candid beauty of the outdoors but wrapped up with the flare of a hot pair of shoes!

Much love from the BEE23 crew xo