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FREE SHIPPING on all orders $75 and over!

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I have very sensitive fair skin prone to eczema and dry spots, especially on my eyelids. I'd used prescription steroid cream on and off for years and I haven't used it once since I started using Hotty Balm daily six months ago. It's a dream! Best thing I've ever put on my face and a little goes a long way. Please never stop making it!


I love this product. I have acne-prone skin and am always concerned about balms, serums, lotions, but this balm was very gentle and worked for my combination skin. I also love the scent, it’s not offensive like some other serums I have tried, but it has enough a scent to make you feel like you are doing something good for your skin.


As I’m marching through my fifties, I am happy to say I have finally found a solution to my slowly creeping up fine lines and wrinkles! BEE23’s Heroine Hotty Balm is the answer!  With it’s delicious organic natural ingredients my skin has responded happily. Natural humectants plump up the skin immediately and moisturizers heal from within. Thank you Michelle for creating this wonderful line of products!