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Q. How can I track my order?

Once your product departures from our facility, we will provide you with an email that contains a tracking number. Please kindly refer to your email to get live updates on order details.

Q. Where are BEE23 product made?

All of our products are made exclusively in Toronto, Canada.

Q. Are BEE23 products vegan?

We use beeswax in our products. However, all of our ingredients are ethically and well-sourced cruelty free ingredients. We collect our beeswax from small farmers who love their bees.

Q. Are BEE23 products safe for kids?

Yes. But a rule of thumb, you do not use products with essential oils on children until the age of two. The Bum Balm for Baby has no essential oils and is safe for under the age of two.

Q. Are there any side effects that one may experience from using BEE23 products?

Only gorgeous skin that makes you feel like royalty! In all seriousness though, everyone has different skin and you shouldn't feel anything but a smoothing and soothing sensation. If you feel discomfort, then the oils are not suitable for your skin. Just because it's natural doesn't mean it is suitable for your skin. We are just lucky that are products are made with sensitive skin in mind and work for so many skin types.

Q. Is Hotty Paws safe for dogs to lick on?

Yes indeed. We use Cedarwood Atlas which is safe for pets. I design our special recipe under the idea of keeping our fur babies safe with protected paws!

Q. Do you offer wholesale?

Yes absolutely! We offer our BEE23 batches in wholesale with some private label options. Send us an email at info@bee23.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Q. Do I need to store my products in the fridge?

No. You do not need to store any of our products in the fridge. However, it is good practice to keep your products out of the direct sunlight, such as on a car dash or directly on a windowsill. If your product should melt, all is not lost! In the case of our Hotty Balm or Natural Solid Scents, simply place the product in the fridge and it will cool to solidify for continued use.

Q. Will my solid perfume or Hotty Balm go bad?

All of our BEE23 products have the guaranteed consumer two year shelf life. However, clients have forgotten about a product and purchased another only to find their old one later and still usable. They have found that even after two years; the product keeps the scent and still has a pleasant texture. Beeswax is an incredible element and has naturally occurring preserving agents. Beeswax and honey has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and is still able to be used.

Q. The texture changed in my Hotty Balm. It now has a slight gritty feeling. Is it alright?

When our Hotty Balm goes through a change in temperature from cold to warm and then back to cold, if the balm hardens too quickly it can get a gritty texture. Once you warm it on your fingers and smooth into your skin, it melts away quickly. This change in texture is only because there are none of the damaging chemical emulsifiers that create texture consistency in alternative synthetic based products. However, our Hotty Balm works just as wonderful as it always has and without all the nasty toxins. You can also melt your product by putting it in the microwave and bringing it back to a liquid. Let it cool in the fridge to a solid. Remove it and keep it at room temperature, and it will be the same creamy texture once again.